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“He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man…” – Psalm 104:14

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What Are You Waiting For

If you have been wanting to make the change to a more chemical free home then what are you waiting for. Now is the perfect time to get started. Young Living is having a awesome deal this month. The start up kit that includes 11 oils, diffuser, samples, and more is 10% off! What are you waiting for? Go here and get signed up

My family started with Young Living about 3 years ago and we have NEVER regretted it! Please ask any questions you have as well. Leave me a message here and I will try to get back to you asap.

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Being healthy- The process

That is a hot button issue this day and time. Everyone just wants to be healthy. Well of course we do but we have to be careful how we get “healthy”. Healthy is not just one certain thing. It is a process. We need to watch what food we eat, what we put on our bodies, what we put in our homes, and how we treat our body. I do think it is our duty as Christians to care for our bodies and do so the way God intended. Or as much as we can this day and time with so many chemicals floating around.

Everyone knows I LOVE my essential oils but this is not the only thing we do to have a healthy family. Lately we have been REALLY working on diet. And if you have a big family you know how hard it is in our society to eat healthy on a budget. But it CAN be done but I think this is also a process. Take a little junk out at a time. I think after you work on your diet , essential oils are a great next place to go because they help your body GENTLY detox. As for those of you who have taken over-the-counter or prescription drugs over long periods of time, essential oils are your best friend because they can cleanse the residues of these toxins from your system once and for all and help restore your body back to its natural healthy state. After you work on that you can work on supporting your immune system. It is turning fall right now so everyone is starting to get sick and dreading the sick season but not our family because we know how to combat it. While we still MIGHT get sick , we know what to do for it and it will shorten our sick time.

After you do all mentioned above you should work on getting chemicals out of your home!! And if you do not believe this has any bearing on your health I am here to tell you it absolutely 100% does. I was doing good for awhile and got lazy and let some chemicals back in my home and boom. My headaches, stomach aches, joint pain, etc.. came flooding back and I couldn’t figure it out and then I realized. So , needless to say I am working diligently to get these things back out of my house. One of the many, many reason I love Young Living because I can get my chemical free products from there and they are always working on new products to help with that. (ex. they just came out with a energy drink and it has helped my guys get off nasty , chemical laden monsters). Please watch what you put on your bodies as well. I do realize in our day and time we will come in contact with chemicals. I will never get chemicals out of my home fully but I can do the best I can and realize it is a process but one worth taking.

And also being active and doing some form of exercise if very important to the full health of our bodies. I think God put us here for a reason and we should take care of ourselves so we can fully accomplish what God put us here for. Don’t you? I am so thankful for a friends asking me to a Young Living class. I was very sickly, my family was sick year after year with horrible stomach bugs , and we just had no idea what to do. It is NOT only about the oils , that is only a part of being healthy. And had I not took this journey and actually put time into learning how to care for my family we would probably still be where we were back then.

I would love for you to attend a class if you are local. If you are not someone is usually always doing Facebook classes. And if you cannot catch either of those I can be reached at . Have a blessed Saturday!

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Thankful for My Young Living Journey

I never knew when I went to my first Young Living class what it would mean for my family. We have been very blessed by Young Living oils and products. We use them in almost every area of our home. My husband is going through a back issue right now and he has sure been thankful for the oils because pain meds have not touched his pain.

I am thankful for the boost in immunity it has given to my kids and some of the various products have given me such a boost in energy. As any mom knows with little kids energy is hard to come by and when you can get it NATURALLY it is a blessing. I am thankful for the support of my thyroid they give me as well as many other areas in my life.

My journey started over a few years ago and I am so glad I have been able to learn the things I have and be a part of a company that really cares about not only the health and wellness of people but cares about people in general. They just want to reach everyone they can and share with them what they know to be true.

I would love to share with you on how Young Living can help your family. Leave a comment here or contact me at Would love to share the millions of ways we use Young Living in our home.

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Essential oils in pregnancy, labor, and delivery

***Disclaimer- I am not a medical professional nor do I try to be. I am not giving you medical advice. I am only blogging about what I did for myself and what for me. Seek a medical professional for any health related issues.

I have to say I am so thankful for my Young Living essential oils! I have used them for various things with great success since joining with Young Living. I was so excited to get to try them this time when I found out I was expecting. This was our 11th child. While we did use oils with our 10th since he was very little I never got to use them all throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

During my pregnancy I used various oils. I would suggest if you are using oils during pregnancy that you dilute with a carrier oil. I used Di Gize and Peppermint for heartburn. Lavender for allergies. Di Gize for nausea. RC for respiratory and to sleep well. I used various others but those were the main ones along with Thieves diffused and rubbed on the bottom of my feet to keep healthy and viruses away. I used Thieves hand sanitizer especially at the end of my pregnancy when I went to the grocery store and those kinds of places.

The end of my pregnancy/before I delivered I used Clary Sage . While it didn’t do what *I* wanted it to , I really believe it is what aided in my super fast delivery. I honestly believe it made my contractions very productive but not gruesome. I also drank NingXia Red during my whole pregnancy which I think helped me not have low iron this time. I up’d the amount at the end and it helped with energy level.  Stress Away helped a lot before delivery.

For my recovery ( which I still am in-she’s only 1 week) I used Lavender for my after pains. Lavender was a huge help! It was definitely a must! I used Gentle Baby on my sweet little one when she had a tummy upset. And of course diffused Thieves when visitors have came for germs. And continued with my NingXia Red to recover from blood loss. Panaway and Copiaba has also been used for my damaged tailbone and lower back.

More oils were used but those were the most used and the ones I found most important. We are thankful our new oily baby is here.

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Using Young Living oils during the Cold/Flu season

Sorry , I have been kind of MIA lately. Just busy with family and daily duties but I have been wanting to do this blog post for awhile. I would like to talk about using oils during cold/flu season. Usually my family during this time of year is VERY sick but since starting with Young Living with have been fairly well. Ultimately, God is our protector and healer. But I believe He has given us things to help us take care of our families. I have 10 children with one on the way so if we catch anything it takes us for ever to get well.

With the oils I have learned that preventative is key. While the oils will minimize symptoms when you do catch something, they work so much better BEFORE you catch a virus, flu, cold, etc. For example during this horrible flu season here I have diffused Thieves daily alternating with other things like Christmas Spirit and Cinnamon Bark. If I know we are going to be around people I line the kids up on the couch and rub a drop of Thieves on their feet , we also use Thieves hand sanitizer constantly when we are out and about. So far , so good for us. I am praying we make it through this horrible cold/flu season without catching anything. This is what has worked for MY family , I am in no way telling you or prescribing anything.

I realize many are worried and have gotten advice that diffusing Thieves daily is not good for young children and other stuff. I TRUST Young Living oils! You do need to research and know how to use the oils safely with babies and children and also in pregnancy but they are very safe when used properly. I have used them on very young children with great success.

I would be happy to answer any questions. Please contact me with any questions you might have. 🙂

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Lemon oil and grease stain

 I was so upset I thought I had ruined a brand new shirt. I put it on and noticed it had grease splatter all down the front(when will I learn to wear a apron). I rewashed it just hoping it would come out but of course it was all still there. I had read somewhere that lemon oil helps with grease stains so I ran and got my lemon oil and put it on each spot and then sprinkled the shirt with some Arm and Hammer super washing soda and threw it in the wash with the rest of the clothes and to my amazement it came out perfect. I was so excited. So for those that say Young Living is too expensive and this and that , actually Young Living has saved this family money time and time again. I use them for so many purposes!!!! Message me or email me at tbllrd(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions or would like to sign up and start your own journey with Young Living. 🙂 Continue reading

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Been Making Memories

Sorry, I have not been around much. Been making memories with my kiddos. I know one day soon I will have some kids that will leave the nest for lives of their own so I want to make the most of having ALL my children here. I also know how fast they grow so I am trying to enjoy my little ones this summer while not being pregnant. I will be back shortly with post and info on the new things going on at Young Living. Exciting stuff!!!

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Another update on my thyroid , adrenals ,etc…

  For those that suffer with Hashimotos, thyroid issues, and adrenal fatigue it is hard for others to understand. But for those that have been there we are a very close community. I love sharing with others on what has and has not worked for me but it does not mean you will have the same results. And when it comes down to it trusting the Lord in my healing has made me free from so much worry that had consumed me. I just wanted to give a little update to hopefully encourage others to keep going and to realize that this is a journey to find what works for you and what doesn’t. Trust me I have been through a lot to find what I need and it takes a lot BUT I am just thankful I am able to wake up in the morning REFRESHED( yes , I said refreshed even though I still have a baby nursing) and able to take on whatever the day brings.

   First , I want to say diet is very important. When I get off and “cheat” so to speak I feel it for several days so in the end staying on my diet is worth it. I am mostly gluten free and sugar free.If you have heard of Trim Healthy Mama I mostly follow that. I do not drink milk but do consume things like cheese and a small amount of heavy whipping cream for my one mug of coffee in the morning. I try to stay away from caffeine as much as possible as well. My doctor who is AMAZING said my one mug of coffee is not something to worry about at this time. Needless to say I was thankful. That is the second thing I would say is finding a doctor who is open to natural things and medicines.

 I am still using the products from Young Living. Endoflex is great for my adrenal fatigue and the Progessence Plus has allowed me to be able to have patience with my kiddos along with prayer of course. 😉 As many of you know I am a mother to 10 kids and so having my hormones off balance is not a good thing for anyone. I LOVE how I feel after diffusing Ylang Ylang and in my last update I said I use Nutmeg over my adrenals well I have continued that and also added Geranium oil. Sulferzyme and several of the other oils have pretty much kept my allergies in check this year and for that I am very grateful. As those that suffer with any thyroid or adrenal problems know when something bothers you like allergies it is extreme. I was having severe lower back pain and with the oil Valor was able to get complete relief and now I do not even have to use it daily. I am using Westhroid Pure and am hoping to soon maybe get off of that when things seem to heal. I am also still taking the supplement Thyroid PX. I definitely feel progress but also just had lab work done so I KNOW I am going in the right direction. The last time my labs were done my TSH was 47 (which for those that do not know is extremely hypothyroid) and my other numbers were not so good either. My Ferritin level has always been super low and that even looked good. 🙂 I feel like I am finally in several years the person I used to be. I do still feel worn out if I over do it so I have to be careful of that but am hoping that in time that will not be a issue either.

  I just want to say there is HOPE. Having a good devotional time makes a huge difference for me as well. I know not everyone believe in the Lord but HE is what has sustained me through my difficult times along with my husband. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I truly am grateful to Young Living because my family actually has their mom back. 🙂

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Update on my health- thyroid and adrenals

I have so much to say in this post so I hope I get it all out as I know just how important it is to many people that are struggling with thyroid / adrenal issues. This is becoming a epidemic I believe. So many are struggling with this and it affects so much of our bodies and lives. I “think” I am finally starting to heal but it is not without a lot of work and focusing on my health.

I am a mother to 10 so putting myself first seems so selfish sometimes but then I realized I actually wanted to be here for my kids. Ya’ know, if we do not take care of ourselves it WILL catch up to us. So first in my new protocol for healing is taking time for self. That may mean different things for different days because with a large family things change quickly. IT may mean a quite devotion time with the Lord(something I want to get back into daily as it makes tremendous difference), just sitting out on our screen porch with a cup of tea(or coffee, something I am trying to work on getting rid of), going out with my husband. I will tell you this, I think this has helped the most. Going out and being with my husband helps my stress level so much. I realize some are not in that season of being able to do that right now as you do not have older ones but it will come.

The next thing I have done has found a good doctor. A NATURAL one! Please choose a doctor very carefully. I realize also that this is very hard these days but they ARE out there. I have found a wonderful. We have to drive a bit to get there but it is worth it! Have correct testing . I know , I know it is expensive but your life is worth it! Pray as God for guidance in this decision. Salvia testing is very important along with antibodies testing to see if you are experiences a auto immune issues like I am.

Next finding the right medicines, supplements, other natural things, and foods that will help you heal. I am using several things and the first time in years do not feel like death when I wake up. I am able to wake up and start my day and be the mother I used to be. I am very thankful the Lord for this. I am using several things from Young Living essential oils. I used Progessence Plus for my low progesterone and to balance my hormones, Endoflex for my overall endocrine system , and the several oils to help stabilize my hormones like Nutmeg(great for thyroid and adrenal fatigue), Ylang Ylang oil has made a huge difference in my mood!!! I also use a few others for different things but those are the most used. Also using supplements , one my natural doctor put me on called Thyroid PX. I am also using Vitex and Sulferzyme(from Young Living, have good enzymes is important). Also keeping your other health issues in check will surely help your adrenals. I have horrible seasonal allergies which is really taxing on your adrenals but I have managed them better this year even though the pollen has been terrible. Sulferzyme mentioned above will help with that and I also use Stinging Nettle. Also using oils Lemon, Peppermint and the most used Lavender for my allergies.

This is what is working for me along with trying to rest and enjoy life. Plain and simple. I am no doctor and cannot tell you what will work for you. I am in no way telling you that. But I am stating what is working for me. It has been a long process of finding what will work. I also want to say while starting some of these I felt WORSE but it was because my hormones were adjusting so please give things time before you decide they are not working. I would love to talk with you if you have any questions and will definitely love to pray for you during this hard road. I am confident the Lord is guiding me in the direction He wants me to go.


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Q & A

I decided to do a Q & A post to hopefully answer some questions others may have.

First off :

Q: What exactly are essential oils?

A: Essential oils are the volatile liquids of the plants God gave us at creation. They are obtained from properly distilling any part of the part including the seeds, roots, bark, stems, leaves, fruit, flowers or branches! ( One of the key words here is properly) Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their health, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties. Young Living has always been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing millions to a total mind/body wellness they may never have dreamed possible.
Primarily extracted through careful steam distillation, but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful and effective than dry herbs, delivering quick and effective results. 

Q:Why Young Living?

A: When it comes to essential oils, Young Living sets the standard for purity and authenticity. I will answer this question with why I chose Young Living. Number one I was very impressed with them being in business for 20 years and also owning several of their own farms. They also offer their members access to work on the farms. Another thing that really brought my attention to Young Living is that it seemed even though a lot of negative things were said about the owner it never discouraged him but only made him want to make his products even better. Gary Young takes great pride in the products of Young Living and he really strives for health and wellness for everyone. A side note: After ordering and using the oils from Young Living it was quickly clear that what was being said was true. I have used oils from several different companies before with no benefits but right away Young Living oils worked very well. I was so thankful I had a friend who asked me to a class.

Q: How would this benefit MY family?

A: Well there are many answers to this question depending on the family. Even if your family is pretty well there will be several uses for the oils. In our home we use them for cleaning, cooking , and everyday things that may arise. For bumps, bruises, bug spray, sunscreen , deodorant, and so much more. After all it is all about living a chemical free life.

Q:What if I cannot afford Young Living oils?

A: This is what I thought too so I understand your concern. BUT you have to understand what is in that cheap bottle of oil. Yes, people will say there is no difference but I know that is not true. Do your research!! Many oil companies are just brokers and get their oils from a third party. Many have just a few drops of oil and the rest is mixed with something cheaper. Many have horrible synthetics in them. So, really what are you buying? You cannot afford to buy anything but the best in this case. There are many routes to being able to afford Young Living. Using them and sharing with others on how they have helped your family is a great way to help you afford your oils because Young Living is very generous in that they give you a commission or “thank you check” for sharing with others. (If you have more questions of this part of Young Living just contact me at tbllrdatgmaildotcom(have to type it out like that because of bots))

Q:Is this a pyramid scheme?

A:It is not a pyramid scheme, an illegal practice or a multi level marketing scam. Pyramid schemes do not sell a product or service and primarily focus on recruiting others for money.

Young Living is not a pyramid scheme and it is a top multi level marketing opportunity.

Q: So how do I sign up:

A: Glad you asked. Was one of the best decisions our family ever made. First you choose if you want to be just a customer or a member. A member gets tons of benefits that I have never had someone just want to be a customer. After all you are wanting to live a overall chemical free life. WE get our oils, vitamins, shampoo, toothpaste, and other stuff from Young Living. Signing up as a independent distributor is quick and easy. Just click on starter kit at the top of this blog page. Also do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing all about your new journey to wellness and about how God has used Young Living in your life.