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“He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man…” – Psalm 104:14

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Chemical Free Living

 I am learning so much as I go on this journey of chemical free living. One thing I like to share with people is IT IS A PROCESS. It can get overwhelming, especially when you are researching and seeing all these things you can do to get chemicals out of your home. It can seem expensive, time consuming, and just plain overwhelming. It does NOT have to be this way though and I want to share that more than anything with others. Just take things a step at a time. That is why I love how Young Living has things set up. Like their essential rewards for instance. While changing over products I started with things we used everyday like toothpaste , shampoo, soaps, etc.. I put those on my essential rewards along with any other oils I needed and household cleaner. I get points for these purchases so I am actually getting something back but most importantly I am slowly working towards getting nasty chemicals out of my home.

  You are not spending extra money just changing out products. Yes, they may be a little more expensive but what are you sacrificing with the products that are cheap. What health issues are they causing? In the long run are you not saving money? I really believe chemicals are the main thing that messed my adrenals and hormones up so bad. I will have you know just once I stopped using air freshners, plug ins, and candles I stopped having headaches. Those simple steps can save you in lots of areas. I just use my diffuser with the oils we love OR the oils we need at that time. Plus not only does the house smell good we are also getting health BENEFITS.

Then after you are eating REAL foods, getting chemicals out of your home, etc. then you can work on the supplements you need and those sorts of things . It is a process and does not have to all be done at one time. You will be thankful you did it and will see health improvements pretty quickly if you are like me and used lots of chemicals. I am not working on getting a natural make up to replace the toxic kind I use.

Then lastly, just do the best you can. Also I urge others to learn how to take care of their families. God has given us so many things to helps us take care of our families. WE need to know how to do this!! We need to not rely on others to help us but to know how to take care of things. I think this is vitally important. So are you ready to start the road to chemical free living?

It is really easy. You can get rid of the toxic filled chemicals in your medicine cabinet by joining with Young Living and becoming a member. With a premium kit you will receive all the oils you will need in everyday life. I would be here all day sharing stories of how we have used just the everyday oils kit and all the medicines it has replaced. Contact me here if you would like more information.

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How to buy Young Living Oils at Wholesale price

    Signing up as a distributor with Young Living is simple and easy and give you wholesale prices. There are other added benefits as well that you will find out. Signing up is easy and gives you a 24% discount.

     If you are a club member with Costco or something like that you kind of understand how that works but unlike Costco you do not have to pay a yearly fee. To maintain your distributor status and continue getting wholesale prices you only need to spend $50 A YEAR!~ Yes, I said A YEAR.

     When signing up you decide which kit you want to get but deciding is pretty easy. The premium kit is what I chose because it is a awesome deal!!!! Below you will see what each kit has in it and now they include the oil JOY as part of the everyday oils kit!!! Plus if you sign up under me as a distributor and order the premium kit you will get a pocket reference book. 🙂

Signing up is easy. Just go to Click on sign up and then click on Independent Distributor. This does not mean you have to sale anything but qualifies you for 24% off and also you can qualify for referral commissions. Something you will talk about at a later time. It will ask member and sponsor number, put in 1537566 in both those blanks. Then just fill out your information. IT will ask you about essential rewards , you choose to sign up for that at this time or click I will do this later. And there you have it . IF you signed up for the premium kit I will send you a pocket reference book. You just have to let me know you signed up. Leave me a message if you have ANY questions.