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Update on my health- thyroid and adrenals

I have so much to say in this post so I hope I get it all out as I know just how important it is to many people that are struggling with thyroid / adrenal issues. This is becoming a epidemic I believe. So many are struggling with this and it affects so much of our bodies and lives. I “think” I am finally starting to heal but it is not without a lot of work and focusing on my health.

I am a mother to 10 so putting myself first seems so selfish sometimes but then I realized I actually wanted to be here for my kids. Ya’ know, if we do not take care of ourselves it WILL catch up to us. So first in my new protocol for healing is taking time for self. That may mean different things for different days because with a large family things change quickly. IT may mean a quite devotion time with the Lord(something I want to get back into daily as it makes tremendous difference), just sitting out on our screen porch with a cup of tea(or coffee, something I am trying to work on getting rid of), going out with my husband. I will tell you this, I think this has helped the most. Going out and being with my husband helps my stress level so much. I realize some are not in that season of being able to do that right now as you do not have older ones but it will come.

The next thing I have done has found a good doctor. A NATURAL one! Please choose a doctor very carefully. I realize also that this is very hard these days but they ARE out there. I have found a wonderful. We have to drive a bit to get there but it is worth it! Have correct testing . I know , I know it is expensive but your life is worth it! Pray as God for guidance in this decision. Salvia testing is very important along with antibodies testing to see if you are experiences a auto immune issues like I am.

Next finding the right medicines, supplements, other natural things, and foods that will help you heal. I am using several things and the first time in years do not feel like death when I wake up. I am able to wake up and start my day and be the mother I used to be. I am very thankful the Lord for this. I am using several things from Young Living essential oils. I used Progessence Plus for my low progesterone and to balance my hormones, Endoflex for my overall endocrine system , and the several oils to help stabilize my hormones like Nutmeg(great for thyroid and adrenal fatigue), Ylang Ylang oil has made a huge difference in my mood!!! I also use a few others for different things but those are the most used. Also using supplements , one my natural doctor put me on called Thyroid PX. I am also using Vitex and Sulferzyme(from Young Living, have good enzymes is important). Also keeping your other health issues in check will surely help your adrenals. I have horrible seasonal allergies which is really taxing on your adrenals but I have managed them better this year even though the pollen has been terrible. Sulferzyme mentioned above will help with that and I also use Stinging Nettle. Also using oils Lemon, Peppermint and the most used Lavender for my allergies.

This is what is working for me along with trying to rest and enjoy life. Plain and simple. I am no doctor and cannot tell you what will work for you. I am in no way telling you that. But I am stating what is working for me. It has been a long process of finding what will work. I also want to say while starting some of these I felt WORSE but it was because my hormones were adjusting so please give things time before you decide they are not working. I would love to talk with you if you have any questions and will definitely love to pray for you during this hard road. I am confident the Lord is guiding me in the direction He wants me to go.


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Tips and Tricks about Young Living Essential oils Post 2

-Peace and Calming is great for anxiety and great for children. Use 1 drop per foot. Helps with restlessness.

-You can diffuse clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus and it kills 99% bacteria in 12 minutes.

-Use wintergreen instead of ben-gay, biofreeze

-For mental clarity, improving memory, brain fog, or studying use Brain Power or Clarity.

-Best oils to purify the air : Thieves, Purification, Lemon, or Citrus Fresh.

-For Thyroid support use Thyromin. Also can add Endogize. It can take more than 240 days to correct a thyroid problem. If still not addressing problems completely you can add Progessence Plus. For Adrenal Fatigue Endoflex and Progessence Plus will help heal the adrenals along with some other products Young Living has. ( I know all this from experience since this is what I am having to use)

-Copaiba is a great anti-inflammatory oil. When layering use Copaiba last because it is great for inflammation. Can use with many different oils when in pain.

-Valor -Good for bruises and can be applied over broken skin.

-Do NOT apply Deep Relief to broken skin.

-When using oils for cooking you need to cook the food first and then add the oils for flavoring so you will still get the health benefits.

-For colds in children under 2 use Myrtle. Over two use RC oil diluted with a carrier oil and for adults apply couple drops to chest and under feet.

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The Most Important Thing During Cold and Flu Season!!

The most important thing during the season of hacking coughs, aches and pains, horrible headaches, and just the worst sicknesses ever is boosting the immune system. Boosting the immune system and using preventative measures is the best thing you can do during the cold and flu season. And having a plan in action is the next best thing in case you get sick. I have learned this the hard way. With several little kids we always get horrible things and almost get everything that is going around. But this year was different. The only thing I did different was essential oils and just trying to stay on top of things and worked on boosting everyone’s immune system as much as possible.

Boosting the immune system will look different for the different ages in your family but will also look different for adults. You have to work harder to keep the immune system in check when you are battling issues like my husband and I with our thyroids. First for everyone I think a good probiotic is one of the best things you could ever purchase. I believe all kids need to be taking a good probiotic. Also use more natural methods to boost your immune system and if you happen to get sick use natural remedies. Using conventional methods , like over prescribed antibiotics, usually break down the good flora in your gut and cause much more issues than you would of had. After you are taking a good antibiotic I also give something to my children called Well Child from It has elderberry in it which is very beneficial for boosting the immune system.

As for someone for instance like my husband and I who already have trouble with our thyroid(which is a auto immune issue) making sure you are taking a correct dose of Vitamin D is helpful. Especially in the winter when we do not get our natural Vitamin D. As most know Vitamin C is really important as well. Using Thieves oil mixed with a carrier oil has been the difference for us this year. This is the first year we have done that and it made a huge. Also used our Young Living diffuser and diffused it. Putting Lemon oil in your water is a great way to boost the immune system as well. So as you see , there are many natural methods for boosting the immune system. Now , we are going to go over natural remedies if you do happen to catch a nasty bug because as we know our bodies are not perfect, we live in a fallen world and nothing can be perfect so we WILL get sick. That is why it is important to have the stuff we need when this arrives.

A natural antibiotic is oregano oil.

*Put 1 – 4 drops of oregano essential oil into a capsule and swallow it.  This may knock an infection out overnight if you catch it quick enough.

*Mix oregano oil and coconut oil and apply to the feet.

Also continue using thieves on the feet and in the diffuser. As always when I am talking about essential oils I am referring only to Young Living as that is the ONLY brand my family uses and trust. Cooking in coconut oil , adding it in to smoothies, etc. will be very beneficial as well. There are many things you can do without using chemical laden over the counter meds that only cause other problems. God has given us so many resources so that we may keep ourselves as healthy as possible. Through research and being prepared we can benefit our families greatly. I think it is very important as a mother and wife to know as much as I can about wellness and try to keep my family as well as I can. I would love to hear your thoughts and also answer any questions you might have. Here’s to better health and wellness during this new year!

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Virgin Coconut Oil and the Thyroid

I am learning so many new things about the Virgin coconut oil as I explore better health options for my family and I. Since dealing with so many issues from hypothyroidism I am always researching and seeking out as much information as I can get so I can teach my kids so maybe they will not endure the same issues I have had. I have learned so much about the benefits of coconut oil lately but I have also learned all coconut oil is NOT the same. Here is the brand I recommend.

Virgin coconut oil can heal so many things from high cholesterol(believe it or not), thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia , and many more health conditions. Many dietary oils can negatively affect thyroid health. In our American diet we use them very often. Mostly known as vegetable oil. They block the thyroid hormone secretion and the thyroid hormone is lowered since something is interfering with it. Soy is also detrimental to the thyroid, so this includes soybean oil.

Coconut on the other hand is a saturated fast made up fatty acids. These types of fatty acids are known to increase metabolism and will also promote weight loss. Those that deal with hypothyroidism know how hard it is to lose weight. WE also know that most struggle with low basal body temperature. I know I do. Virgin Coconut oil also helps raise basal body temperature.

Since just starting to use virgin coconut oil I have been able to tell a difference in my stamina and energy level. Also has helped my teeth along with some essential oils become much healthier. I just wanted to share this because I know how difficult living with hypothyroidism is and if there is anything to improve it I want to share.


Adrenal Health

One of the easiest ways to maintain healthy adrenals is to consume a half-teaspoon of unrefined celtic salt every morning with a few glasses of water. It’s important to consume half of your bodyweight in ounces of water every day but it must be balanced with salt to remove stress from adrenal glands.  ~From the book The Thyroid Alternative~

Keeping your adrenals in balance is very important for overall health. Getting enough sleep is a biggie for healthy adrenals. While you may not have trouble with them at first , it will eventually catch up with you. I know this all too well as I am battling this now along with Hypothyroidism. Take care of yourself BEFORE something gets out of balance.

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A New Year of Better Health

Ring in the New Year with better health in mind. Get rid of the toxic chemicals in your home and start the New Year off right. Young Living sure has been a blessing to my family and am very thankful the Lord led me in that direction. Contact me here or my Facebook page if you are interested in signing up or have questions. May you and your family have a blessed and healthy New Year.