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“He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man…” – Psalm 104:14

My Health Journey

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        I thought I would share my journey here since I see so many suffering from the same things I have. Let me back up and introduce myself. I am a simple woman who has 10 kids whom I cherish and a awesome husband who is my knight in shining armor. I am a SAHM who homeschools and loves her job. I love being here totally for my husband and kids and I feel that is what God put me here to do. I just wanted to share this because I never want anyone to think I am blaming my health on my kids , husband, or the life God gave me.

 Several years ago I started getting overwhelmed at the littlest things. I was super tired and just couldn’t think. I could not lose weight no matter what I did but I just contributed all of that to have lots of little blessings and being busy. I WAS NOT taking care of myself. Yes, I do think I had a small pride issue because I would tell myself God gave you these kids so YOU have to take care of them . I never would ask for any help from anyone, even my husband when I needed it. Still struggle with this to this day! I did not get the sleep required to sustain a healthy body. That is the first advice I would give to a young mom or any mom for that matter is when someone offers to help- LET THEM. Then I would tell them to please rest as much as you can. And that what everyone tells you about how God does not give you more than you can handle is a big fat lie. Listen closely to what I have to say and don’t misunderstand me. Yes, God does give us more than we can handle but He does not give you more than you can handle WITH HIS help.

  Anyway, in 2012 I experienced severe chest pains, could not function, was severely tired, my hair was falling out and I experience one of the most painful times I have ever been through. I miscarried 3 precious children in a row. I prayed so hard during that time and while that time I would never want to relive I learned so much during that time about myself and the Lord. This is why I found out my thyroid was off and I was diagnosed hypothyroid. I was put on Synthroid. I started a good progesterone cream and was able to hold on to our precious baby boy, Jase, who just turned 7 months. During that pregnancy I was determined to learn all I could about how to heal myself. I forgot to mention my sister had to have your thyroid removed a couple of years ago and I am determined I will not let that happen for myself. But during this time my thyroid levels went up and down. Were only normal for a very short time. After having Jase, my husband and I decided I needed a specialist but we did not want just any endocrinologist. Again, you will see God’s hand in this because I was really praying and one day while on pinterest just typed in something like Natural endo. and my area and found a integrative medicine practice. What a blessing!!

 Also I had started Trim Healthy Mama and had lost 50 pounds where for many years have not been able to lose at all. THM has been a huge blessing in my life. In the book it also talks about how you have to get your hormones and health issues in check so that was very eye opening for me as well. During this time I also joined with Young Living essential oils and what a huge blessing that has been . I have found several things that have helped so much. And the integrative medicine endo has me on Armour Thyroid right now . There were several products I showed her through Young Living and she really liked the way they looked so I am using Progessence Plus and Endoflex from Young Living. Also using lemon in my water to help with my digestion. If you have thyroid issues then you understand this. Also using Balsam Fir to help with my extreme adrenal fatigue she diagnosed me with through salvia testing. I go next month for antibodies testing but am confident that hopefully with her help and the things the Lord has led me to I can be the wife and mother that God put me here to be. I am finally feeling like there might be some hope for me to feel normal again and not like a zombie. And if any of you are worrying about the chest pains I have had two EKG’s that were completely normal , it was just all from my thyroid / adrenals being so bad off.

 I would covet any prayers and hope that this post has encouraged someone else that while motherhood is hard, tiresome, and sometimes just plain hard if you are experiencing many of the symptoms listed above or even others then please find a good natural doctor and do some testing. It is hard sometimes to find a doctor that will take adrenal issues serious but I assure you they ARE very serious.

 Please contact me if you would like to talk. I love helping others and feel that is what God would want us to. This post was in no way posted to treat, diagnose, or cure any issue you might be having. I am NOT a doctor only a God fearing mother and wife whom strives to do the Lord’s will daily. ~Blessings!

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